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Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads
Wool Nursing Pads

Wool Nursing Pads

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Order these nursing pads, made from 97% merino wool and 3% spandex interlock to provide superior protection for your clothes. Nursing pads ship within 48 hours (not including Sunday).

What are wool nursing pads?

Wool nursing pads are great for nursing moms. Wool is an extraordinary fiber as it is natural, fire resistant, easy to care for, anti-microbial, and is temperature regulating. It not only keeps you warm in the winter, but it keeps you cool in the summer. Wool is perfect for nursing moms who want a superior, all-natural protection.

As a personal item, nursing pads cannot be returned for hygiene purposes, even in new, unused condition. I cannot formally verify this, and therefore cannot resell the item.

Pad weights

Light: 1 layer of 97/3 (97% wool 3% spandex) soft, felted wool interlock. These are also offered without serging if you are sensitive to it. Please note that the unserged pads will "fuzz" at the ends. I recommend serging unless you have a sensitivity.

Medium: 2 layers of soft, felted 97/3 wool interlock. 

Overnight: 3 layers of soft, felted 97/3 wool interlock. The sandwiched inner layer is made 1" smaller so that they conform to the breast better.

I recommend Light pads for ladies who have only light leaks, likely during the later parts in their nursing experience. Medium pads work for most women during the day, and Overnight pads are great for, well, overnight, and during the early weeks of nursing when your milk supply is not yet well regulated resulting in an oversupply.

Pad diameters

4 1/2" in diameter is ideal for less than A-B cups, or for women who wear lower cut bras.

5 1/2" in diameter is ideal for B-DD cups.

6 1/2" in diameter is ideal for DD+ cups.

Try to buy pads that just fit your bra. It may seem like large pads are less discreet, but when they fill the entire cup of your bra, they do not create seams that can be seen through your shirt. Smaller pads that don't fill the cup may create visible seams through your bra.

How many do I need?


I recommend a minimum of 2 pairs, one to wear, and one to dry while you wear the other. Typically, I recommend washing every 2 weeks. Earlier in nursing when there is an abundance of milk, they may need more frequent washing.

To quote some mamas who use our nursing pads, "I wash them when they start to feel crunchy."

⏰ What is the current turnaround time? Check the latest here.

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Jhia C.
Wool Nursing Pads

The nursing pad feels gentle to the skin and it did not even make me feel super warm in hot weather. I basically don’t remember that I’m wearing it. But unfortunately, I am not sure if it is because of my size, there are certain area that is folded or bulge which can be traced over my clothes if I am wearing a bra without padding.

Aimee S.
Wool Nursing Pads

Do not hesitate to buy these because the are the best nursing pads you will ever find. I wish I had these luxurious pads for my first baby. I am pretty leaky and spray like a fountain for the first few months and these absolutely keep my clothes dry. I had such a hard time with my first baby because i did not have these and my nipples are super sensitive to wetness and I cannot use disposables. The wool absorbs all the milk but keeps the skin dry and it stays warm and breathes the opposite of the typical bamboo/PUL backing reuseable nursing pads that leave you damp and clammy -yuck. These wool pads have saved my nipples health which is needed when you are breastfeeding a milk monster all day. The turn around time to get these was less than a week! That’s insanely fast! I also like that I don’t have to wash these after every let down. I have two pairs, the overnights and the standard. Treat your nips to the best! They deserve it.

Mildred w.
Wool Nursing Pads

Ok, so I got these December. I hemmed and hawed about if I was a medium leaker or an overnight leaker. At the time I was 9 months in on my nursing journey. Eventually I decided on the overnight version. These are soft - I’m talking, “how is this even wool” type of soft. Because I got these in the evening I decided to do trial by fire and wore these to bed. Normally I was saturating between 2-3 Bamboobies each night. So my child wakes me and I feed her and neither the inside or the outside feel damp. To be safe I still go ahead and swap them out. Within three days of making the switch where I use the overnights 24/7 I didn’t need my Rx ****** cream anymore. Nursing wasn’t painful anymore. In hindsight I have essentially a wetness sensitivity and the bamboobies I was using previously felt like wet sandpaper rubbing against my nipples. These are amply sized and amazing. I own these in all three thicknesses and each have a purpose. I suggest if you are on the cusp of the larger size or smaller size I highly suggest sizing up. For most people I believe two pairs (these are sold by the pair) would be a minimal stash. If you are early on in your nursing journey I would suggest getting two pairs of the overnights and a pair of the mediums. If you are well established in your nursing journey I would suggest two pairs of mediums and a pair of the lights. I wash mine in the washing machine on the wool cycle with some baby soap. Personally I have never lanolized mine, thought I haven’t really needed to. These pads wick the moisture away and quickly allow it to evaporate instead of keeping all the milk stuck by a layer of PUL. If you are familiar with the lanisoh heavy duty disposable breast pads they are fall somewhere between the lights and medium, but much closer to the mediums. If you are familiar with the bamboobies overnight breast pads those are comparable in absorbency to the lights and mediums but much, much closer to the lights. If you are familiar to the baby bliss bamboo breast pads those are comparable to the lights.

Kaitlynn H.
Wool Nursing Pads

Amazing! They were quick to ship. They are absorbent and soft. I don’t even feel moisture.