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Sample of HumFird or HumFird Hippie Edition Emulsifying Soap

Sample of HumFird or HumFird Hippie Edition Emulsifying Soap

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Sample Size: approximately 13g cube of emulsifying soap.

Prepare a mug of hot water; generally, 4-6 fluid ounces is more than enough water. Hot tap water often works better than super hot boiling water because the lanolin emulsion can "break" if the water is too hot.

Add solid lanolin and allow to melt (~ 1 teaspoon per garment is a good starting point).

While lanolin is melting add a small chunk of lanolin soap and allow to melt too (for those that are exacting you can use about ~5-8 g of lanolin emulsifying soap per teaspoon of solid lanolin for great results when emulsified in a mug with 4-6 fluid oz of water which is 1/2-3/4 C.). Scented soap often requires a bit more compared to unscented soap because of the added oils and hard water often requires a bit more soap on average.

After a minute or two, when everything is completely melted, begin stirring.

Stir semi-vigorously for about a minute. A back and forth motion creates more turbulence and is more efficient than a circular stirring motion. The solution will become milky and frothy. Add to your tepid water bath.

Stir to distribute and add your woolies.

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Amanda H.
Sample of HumFird or HumFird Hippie Edition Emulsifying Soap

If you're not already using good emulsifying cubes, you're missing out. This left our wool feeling so good. And the milk bath was much better than using whatever soap I had on hand. The best part? This scent is amazing! I already ordered a bulk amount from Yooki Wool with my UBC and lanolin resupply. You have to try this!

Leilani L.
Sample of HumFird or HumFird Hippie Edition Emulsifying Soap

I decided to grab a sample pack of humfird hippie edition for my Old oak tree woolies and I was definitely not disappointed. It smells amazing. Not to overpowering just a delicate hippie/earthy smell. Love it!