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Hemp Fitted Diapers
Hemp Fitted Diapers
Hemp Fitted Diapers

Hemp Fitted Diapers

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This is not your ordinary diaper. Made with super absorbent 55% hemp and 45% bamboo. The bamboo helps keep the hemp soft and to avoid crunchy diapers like hemp-cotton mixes tend to become. Diapers are currently made without an outside HumBird tag sewn on.

Currently in stock with white snaps and serging.

Diapers have a 3 snap adjustable rise for 4 different rise setting to get the right fitting for your baby. It is not waterproof and needs to be used with a cover.

Inserts of sizes 2, 3, and toddler are three layer 500gsm hemp-bamboo with one that attaches to the diaper with snaps and one smaller insert to use a booster where needed (based on where your child tends to wet). The diaper itself is made of 2 layers of 55% hemp 45% bamboo 340gsm. The size 1 diaper comes with a 3 layer snack insert and a 2 layer smaller booster.

All sizes come with 2 inserts; a long doubler and a small insert.

Size 1 Fits from ca. 8-20 pounds.

Size 2 Fits from ca. 10/12 to 35 pounds.

Size 3 Fits from ca. 15 to 40+ pounds. 

These diapers  are handmade by me in my studio and not outsourced. This means that you might see purple sewing dots or blue/yellow/white chalk lines on your diaper when purchased. These will wash out and are not flaws rather proof of the handmade process. This is not your ordinary diaper.


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