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Merino x Tencel: Underwear Model 2 (Natural, Coral, Black, Wild Aster)

Merino x Tencel: Underwear Model 2 (Natural, Coral, Black, Wild Aster)

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The HumBird Merino Jersey Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

For a look at the colours please click here.

These merino underclothes are breathable and natural. These are made with a lower rise front and three different back coverages:

Please see pictures (brown is full, natural is half, coral is quarter) for coverage.

1. Full Cheek coverage is for those with a full behind

2. Half Cheek overage will expose a bit of your cheekiness

3. Quarter Cheek coverage will allow your cheekiness to show. Not as small as a traditional thong.

Tips on measuring:

1. Measure your hip just below your hip bones.

2. Measuring tape should be firm but not indenting. Measure without clothes on.

3. As different people prefer different fits in underwear I recommending buying 1 pair to try out before committing to more.

4. Please note that you should purchase one full size down for all lightweight MxT fabrics. Due to the fabrics amazing stretch you will need to size down to keep them fitting well throughout the day. 


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