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Custom Merino Jersey: Crossover Bra (Nursing Friendly)
Custom Merino Jersey: Crossover Bra (Nursing Friendly)
Custom Merino Jersey: Crossover Bra (Nursing Friendly)

Custom Merino Jersey: Crossover Bra (Nursing Friendly)

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 The HumBird Merino Jersey Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

The HumBird Straight Back Bra is made from 95/5 merino spandex jersey made from GOTS certified yarn. The straps are not made to be adjustable but if you have ordered before and prefer them to be increased or decreased in length please leave me a note in the customizations section to in/decrease bra strap length and included how many cm or inches you would like them in/decreased by. 

For a look at the colours please click here.

How to order: For the full bust I measure without a bra and pull the tape measure snug enough that nipples are flat. For the underbust/band pull the tape measure TIGHT. Subtract the underbust from the full bust to determine your cup size. Choose YES to needing customizations and make sure to include the BAND size there:

1. Measure over your bust to choose the BRA size. (XXS through XXXL). Please be aware that different body shapes wear will make the bra fit somewhat differently. I suggest buying the size you measure into (unless you know you prefer it a bit snugger or looser) and then deciding after wearing it if you would like to buy a different size.

2. Measure under the bust for the BAND size. For the band please put the tape measure very firmly against your skin and pull it tight right under your breast.

3. Pick your cup size by subtracting the underbust measurement from the full bust measurement. Remember that bra fit is very personal and these are only recommendations. 

Make sure you have recorded the BAND SIZE in the customizations section.

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