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Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers
Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers

Adult: Wool Interlock Casual Joggers

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ūüö®¬†Important information: Please read through before ordering.¬†All orders placed the¬†1st ‚ÄĒ 15th will be processed 16th ‚ÄĒ 31st of¬†the CURRENT month. All orders¬†placed the 16th ‚ÄĒ 31st of the current month will be processed 16 ‚ÄĒ 31st of the FOLLOWING month.¬†ūüö®

Casual joggers have a modern cut that is looser in the hip/thigh and tapers slightly to the ankle. These are made with the finest attention to detail. The inner leg and crotch seams are all reinforced, in-seam pockets come standard, and the waistband is made custom to fit your measurements. 

ūüĎČ NOTE:¬†Please be aware that these are not tailor made¬†pants made to fit your exact body. This is a pattern and not all patterns fit all bodies. Please check measurements.¬†

Also note that different colours react differently to the wool. This means that some will be "softer" and some will have differences in "stretch". This is normal and not a flaw. This means that different colours may fit slightly different than other colours.

To see swatches of the colours please join the HumBird BST and Chat on facebook and do a search for #navypeony #oxfordpigeon or  #carob and/or look back at the preorder history.

How to Order-Please read carefully to avoid ordering the wrong size.

STEP 1: Measure yourself

Take the following measurements:

  • High Hip¬†(at the hip bones) USED¬† TO DETERMINE THE CUSTOM WAISTBAND
  • Seat (widest part across the buttocks) USED TO DETERMINE SIZE
  • ¬†"Inside leg" -¬†the¬†inside leg that you measure will¬†not be the inseam the joggers are cut at. Please read step 3¬†on how to measure your inside leg.¬†USED TO DETERMINE SIZE

Be sure the tape measure is snug but not tight. Tape measure should not indent into the body.

STEP 2: Select Pant Size

Check size chart below and pick the overall pant size that best suit your measurements.

STEP 3: Select Inseam

Use the measurement of the bodies inside leg, measured from crotch straight down to the floor (not against the leg). Please make sure you measure and do not just go off of what you buy in jeans. Pick inseam 1, 2, or 3. Markus, the model in the picture, is wearing a size 38 with a 2 inseam. He is 183 cm tall and has an inner leg measurement of 82. He could have gone with the tall version but wearing the joggers hiking the extra length was not needed and would have been more a hindrance. 

STEP 4: Pockets

Pockets are included and are sewn as inseam pockets made of cotton Lycra or MxT to reduce bulk. If you would prefer no pockets please leave a note in customizations. 

STEP 5: Custom Waistband measurement

Waistband for casual joggers is measured at the high hip (hip bones). The waistband is wool with an elastic band inside. The elastic is not serged but is tacked down on 4 sides. This allows it to be taken to a local tailor and fairly easily changed out if the need should ever arise.

Each style of adult wool pants/capris/shorts offered comes from a pre-designed pattern. The sizes that are offered in each style are based solely upon a set of measurement ranges for each size. As such, just like a pair of pants you would buy from the store, a specific size of pants will fit one individual differently than another individual.


Please remember that while wool is wonderful and resilient, at the end of the day, it is a fiber. Various degrees of wear are going to be normal and entirely dependent on numerous factors. Amount of continuous wear, activities done in the pants, general fit, and overall care will all play a role in how well they last. Even something as simple as how you regularly sit or squat up and down can play a role in how various areas of your pants can begin to experience wear. Please feel free to contact an admin if you ever have concerns about premature wear in your pants, and we would love to troubleshoot with you!

A word about caring for your adult interlock items:
Interlock wool comes to you pre-felted; this is why many people feel comfortable washing it in machines. But, while machine washing won’t felt your interlock like it would your knits, it might tug and pull and stress the fabric, causing premature wear.

To give your HumBird interlock items their best life, we recommend hand-washing in Unicorn Beyond Clean, removing excess water using the towel method, and laying flat to dry.

See our Wool Care Guide for detailed instructions on caring for your HumBird wool.

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