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Custom Merino Jersey: Adult Base Layer Leggings
Custom Merino Jersey: Adult Base Layer Leggings

Custom Merino Jersey: Adult Base Layer Leggings

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The HumBird Merino Jersey Collection: Made for EveryBody, EveryDay. A clothing line that balances sustainable fabrics with comfort and aesthetics.

NEW SIZE CHARTS as of April 15. Make sure to order the correct size and model!!!

To pick the "model" A, B, or C, please click "yes" to customizations and leave the model number in the box. Thank you.

If you would like changes made to the waistband based (for example, it is too large) please click yes to customizations and enter the changes in the box. For example, -2" waist. This does not cost extra and no add ons are needed.

Due to the merino wool/spandex material, these leggings are intended to be worn as a basic base layer and will relax after being worn. HumBird base layer leggings are unique as they have reinforced seams throughout the entire inner leg seam and crotch seam for longevity and comfort. 

ūüĎČ NOTE:¬†Please be aware that these are not tailor made¬†pants made to fit your exact body. This is a pattern and not all patterns fit all bodies. Please check measurements.¬†To ensure the best fit,¬†choose the model that best fits your measurements.

How to Order-Please read carefully to avoid ordering the wrong size. STEP 1: Measure yourself Take the following measurements:

  • Hip (at the widest part)
  • High Hip (at the hip bones)
  • Inseam

    Be sure the tape measure is snug but not tight. Tape measure should not indent into the body.

    STEP 2: Select Pant Size Check size chart below and pick the overall pant size that best suit your measurements.

    STEP 3: Select Inseam Inseam is measured from crotch to your ankle bone.

    Please make sure you measure and do not just go off of what you buy in jeans. Make sure to measure to your ankle bone. An inseam of 29.5" is included in the price. You can add length to inseam for additional cost, or subtract inseam for free (select desired inseam in the drop down menu above). Please note that leggings stretch when put on. Due to the fact they stretch different lengths depending on fit and body type HumBird can not account for the stretch on your body. HumBird advises they will run longer and do not add extra inseam.

     STEP 4: Pockets 

    Pockets are not included and currently can NOT be added. Please do not add pockets to your order.


    STEP 5: Waistband

    The waistband for the jersey leggings will be made based on the size of leggings purchased. 

    STEP 6: Rise 

    Front rise is currently 11 inches and back rise 15.5 inches. You can¬†subtract or add on rise. Please note that the back rise needs to be at least 3‚ÄĚ higher than the front rise.¬†Leave your desired rise in the customizations box by indicating, for example, "front rise -1 inch and back rise +1 inch". If nothing is indicated then rise will remain standard.

    Each style of adult wool pants/capris/shorts offered comes from a pre-designed pattern. The sizes that are offered in each style are based solely upon a set of measurement ranges for each size. As such, just like a pair of pants you would buy from the store, a specific size of pants will fit one individual differently than another individual.


    Please remember that while wool is wonderful and resilient, at the end of the day, it is a fiber. Various degrees of wear are going to be normal and entirely dependent on numerous factors. Amount of continuous wear, activities done in the pants, general fit, and overall care will all play a role in how well they last. Even something as simple as how you regularly sit or squat up and down can play a role in how various areas of your pants can begin to experience wear. Please feel free to contact an admin if you ever have concerns about premature wear in your pants, and we would love to troubleshoot with you!

    A word about caring for your adult jersey items:

    To give your HumBird jersey items their best life, we recommend hand-washing in Unicorn Beyond Clean or other wool specific wash, removing excess water using the towel method, and laying flat to dry.

    See our Wool Care Guide for detailed instructions on caring for your HumBird wool.

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