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Size Chart and Measuring for Wool Products

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Fluff Models

  • Newborn: waist is slightly bigger; crotch depth slightly bigger; leg cuts grading a bit different but not by a huge amount
  • XS: Crotch depth also slightly deeper; mostly just the straights pattern changed a bit with a slightly narrower leg cut
  • XSL+: will now offer all styles; straights is cut slightly narrower in the leg
  • S/SL: no noticeable changes
  • SL+: same rise as SL; hip in-between S/SL and M/ML; inseam is 1" longer than SL; 11" total
  • M/ML: no noticeable changes except 1/4" in waist height
  • L: no noticeable changes
  • XL: no noticeable changes

No Fluff Toddler/Big Kid Models

  • Size 2yo:  no noticeable changes
  • Sizes 3-5/6: have gone through minimal changes
  • 18 mo: now 12/18 mo and is found in all styles except bloomers
  • SL longies: cut straighter from thigh to ankle
  • 7/8 through 11/12: these have gone through more changes than sizes 5/6 and under so please be aware if you are ordering, especially sizes 9/10 and 11/12. Crotch depth has been shortened to remove some bulk. Inseams ran long and have been shortened to match the size chart, also went through some changes to make the leg cuts match the other sizes and will no longer fit the same. 




Questions about the different styles? Check out the summary of styles here