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Monthly Preorders

What are Monthly Preorders?

Monthly preorders are regular windows of opportunity to order HumBird kettle dyed or mill dyed wool products, in a few pre-determined colours, at 10% off retail price.

All orders are then fulfilled and shipped in the following calendar month.

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How it Works

Two colours are chosen for the upcoming month. (Psst - These colours will often be pre-announced in HumBird's Facebook Group!)

On the 1st to 7th calendar day of that month (unless otherwise specified), preorder listings will open for sale on the HumBird website. You can order as many items in the preorder colours as you like, in any style HumBird offers.

Your order is then carefully crafted by hand, and shipped on or before the first postal day the following month!

We know your little ones grow up fast, so HumBird prides itself in giving you a predictable turnaround time so you can enjoy your woolies before your precious ones outgrow them :)

How to Order

  1. Always measure your child!
  2. Pick a style using your measurements. Remember, every brand fits differently. Don't assume a certain type of fit based on the name of a style you recognize from a different brand.
  3. Order your woolies from the HumBird website. The 10% discounted prices are already as marked.
  4. Get excited! 🙌 Your new woolie will arrive in the following month! Feel free to share your excitement with fellow mamas and papas in HumBird's Facebook Group!

Note #1: Do NOT order preorder items with retail items (even made to order items), or your order will be cancelled!

Note #2: Shipping will NOT be combined for multiple orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

I loved [insert previous preorder colour]! Can I order another one?

Once a preorder colour is run, it will not be reproduced for at least 15 months. If there is a colour you absolutely cannot live without, make sure you order it during the preorder window.

If you've missed the window, you can always try to see if someone else is selling theirs in HumBird's Facebook Group.

I want a custom rise and inseam for my woolie, can I do that?

Yes, you can! Add the corresponding additions or subtractions to your order. If you're ordering multiple items, please leave detailed notes on which pair you'd like the customizations on.

What kind of wool do you use?

The preorder is open for 95/5 (95% wool, 5% spandex) wool products only. It is stretchy and smooth as silk (as opposed to fuzzy). The wool has a knit weight of 400gsm, and is made from OEKO-TEX certified yarn. The sheep from which the wool is obtained are Mulesing free.