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Supernova Overnight Diaper

The Supernova is created for those little ones who wet through everything. Most people who buy the Supernova have tried other top brands that have failed them. If you have an extreme heavy wetter the Supernova will not fail you.

This diaper has been independently tested to hold 42 ounces.

Get yours now and may wet sheets begone!

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What is HumBird?

HumBird is the place to find handmade unique and high-quality items for your family! From the popular Supernova night-time fitted cloth diaper to hand-dyed wool interlock, HumBird keeps your little one dry and wrapped in top-quality fabric. Other products include reusable wipes, inserts that work with every diaper, hybrid fitteds, stretchy hemp flats and a huge selection of custom made children's clothing. Take a look and please contact me with any questions!

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